Sport and Nature

Sport and Fun

Mount Maniva, a ski and nature paradise, is the ideal location for holidays both in winter and summer. Located just 50 minutes by car from Brescia, it is the ideal location for those who enjoy sports and the open air. Thirty kilometres of ski runs, served by a ski-lift, four rope tows and an escalator, is an ideal location for vacations both in winter and summerwith routes of varying lenghts and levels of difficulty fully immersed in a splendid natural setting. For those who enjoy cross country skiing, there is a 3 Km ring, whereas one run is fully dedicatesd to snowboarding. The environment responds to all sporting needs, even for those who enjoy downhill skiing or walking with snowshoes.

Until late winter, Alpe Pezzeda is an authentic paradise for those who enjoy skiing, especially downhill. Two ski-lifts and two rope tows serve Collio and Aple Pezzeda inviting ski enthusiasts to runs through forest and show-covered meadows, even when the snow hasn't yet arrived, through Canalone artificial show. For those who enjoy mountain biking, there is a bike park: four mountain bike runs, two downhill runs and two free-rides through meadows and forests. The ski-lifts reach the bike part and allow visitors toreach the highest areas of the park.

Mine Adventure c/o "San Aloisio-Tassara" Mine in Collio
Mine Adventure is the first and only hike in Europe created in a location associated with mining activity, where it is important to know how to manage one's own body, one's own sensations and to trust one's own physycal and mental abilities, in a combination of leisure and culture. The route through 21 suspended bridges presents the various sites where minerals were processed before being taken to the furnaces. Mine Adventure is overseen by ecpert guides who ensure the security of the trail and the safety of visitors.

Castello di Brescia - Itinerari speleologici
Il Castello di Brescia è meta interessante non solo dal punto di vista culturale. L’Associazione Speleologica Bresciana propone su prenotazione visite guidate ai sotterranei del Castello (torri, casematte, gallerie, camminamenti e bastioni), alla scoperta degli ambienti più suggestivi che caratterizzano una delle più grandi e ben conservate fortezze del nord Italia. Gli itinerari speleologici permettono di accedere all’ interno di spazi che normalmente non sono fruibili al pubblico, perché poco illuminati e dalla percorribilità non sempre agevole. Esperienza ideale per chi ama l’avventura.