Food and Wine


There is a place of honour in Brescian cuisine for a dish of ancient traditins and humble orgins which is found in the province: polenta with game (it's advisable to try the famous "polenta with birds"). You should also try the special flavour of "polenta taragna", made by buckwheat flour an, as a finishing touch, fresh cheese and butter. According to the most ancient tradition, cooking the results of hunting over an open flame was the only way to prepare meat. This is the traditional background to spit roasts, the symbolic dish of Brescia and tis province, passed dwon through the generations. Another typical Brescian dish is the "casoncelli" ("casonsèi" in the local dialect); first mentioned in historical records in 1390, they are a kind of large ravioli, often in the shape of a half moon, usually filled with meat and served with melted butter and sage. In some areas, they can also be foundin the "di magro" variant, wich means stuffed with vegetables and cheese. This is another traditional dish, preparedin slightly different ways according to the locality. Especially in the autumn period, mushrooms can be found everywhere, as they are gathered in the local valleys and can be used in many ways in various dishes.